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About Mela

Mela Burmese, named for my daughters Megan and Laura, has been my passion since 1998. This journey began with a small, brown Burmese kitten called Casey. Casey was undersized and very sickly, and our vet advised that we should return her to the breeder. “Never!” was our unified response, and we nursed and loved her into a healthy adult cat.


In spite of her troubled start, all the best of the Burmese breed shone through in Casey, and she will always be the highlight of many of our fondest family memories and anecdotes.

Our experiences with Casey sealed a deep love of the Burmese breed and a determination to ensure that no other family would endure the anguish that we had suffered in her early months.

Sadly we lost Casey during Megan’s matric year. Anyone who has lost a beloved pet will understand that, whilst they cannot be replaced, another cat helps comfort during the grieving process. This led me to a breeder who was downscaling and we acquired our first breeding cats.

Over the last more than two decades, I believe that I have fulfilled my commitment to breeding well socialised, stable and, most importantly, healthy kittens. I have been fortunate to have partnered with fellow, like-minded breeders, and been entrusted with precious outcross Burmese lines from Australia, Germany, Latvia and the UK.

Training to become and All Breeds judge seemed a natural progression and has resulted in judging assignments across South Africa for all three registering bodies and judging assignments in Australia.

My breeding queens live in my home and have access to the fully cat proofed, large, leafy garden. Many happy hours are spent watching them play hide-&-seek, catch-me-if you-can, or monitoring the activities in the hedgerows. My queens are retired after having three, perhaps four litters, I then make the very difficult decision of homing them in very special forever homes where they will be loved and cared for.

It is unavoidable that stud males have to be contained. My cattery runs are spacious with both shade and sun, ramps and climbing posts, and each cabin is equipped with a heated igloo for cosy warmth during the colder months. The stud males are also rehomed to very special people.

Reflecting on my early breeding days, I will unashamedly admit to having made mistakes, all of which have made me a better breeder. A strong network of breeders locally and internationally has meant that I continue to learn and make changes. What will never change is where my kittens are born - always on my bed where the mothers receive undivided attention before birth and during the first weeks.

Burmese mothers want help during the birthing process. There is always some anxiety, but this is coupled with the complete wonder and awe of new life. I shall never tire of hearing that first cry as the kittens’ lungs fill with air.

The early sleepless nights are soon forgotten, replaced with the delight of watching them grow, starting to play, and exploring their surroundings.

After their first inoculation, the kittens are allowed to venture further so that as their confidence grows, so does their world, or, as their world grows, so does their confidence.

I reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten for any reason whatsoever or for no reason whatsoever.

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Jane Goble

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